Monday, March 14, 2011

It's back ON

Assault on Mt Mitchell.  I've been encouraged to go on and do the ride, someone special in my life has confidence in me, it's paid for, and I DO want to do it.  So, with only 2 very short months left, I'm going to ride as much as I can and get to the mtns about 4 times between now & May 7.  Hopefully, having done the Marion part twice, I will be able to remember how to ride smart and get to Marion as quickly as possible with the least amount of work on my part. :)

My real ride won't start until mile 76.  Then, it's 20+ miles to the top of Mt Mitchell.  Oh boy.  I can do it...Start Slow to Finish Fast.  Control the desire to hammer with everyone else from Spartanburg to Marion.  Find a good rider that can help me get to Bill's Hill (about 45mi) and I can get the other 35mi in without burning too many matches.

Oh....a side note - my Dad is doing better, he's been in rehab for 3 weeks (Wednesday) and has one more week to go.  Hopefully, he will have progressed enough to be able to transfer to the assisted living facility and will continue to get stronger.  The mental part won't really get any better, but hopefully, his health will not decline much.  It was a scary week or so in the hospital with him and I'm very glad that he made it through all of that without too much set back.

Time has changed and there's more ride time in the evenings now - lots of fixed gear riding on the agenda during the week and longer 3-4 hour rides on Saturday/Sundays. 

Later! :)