Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sacramento, CA: Last Day

My last day in California was a fairly lazy one.  My butt still hurt and not a one of us wanted to get on a bike this day.  Mid-morning breakfast of a "pie" made, again, by Cook Extraordinaire Chris.  It was made of diced potatoes, leftover veggies from the other night and on top of all that, he added 6 eggs.  The potatoes were sauteed/cooked, the veggies added and eggs, covering to cook the eggs.  Yummy!!!!  Wish I had someone to cook like that for me, though, I like to cook well enough, that I could be the Cook Extraordinaire for someone.  I forgot to get a picture of breakfast. 

After breakfast, all of us were working on our respective blogs/reports and just being pretty dang lazy.  Chris and Deb took the dogs for a long walk around 12:30-1pm while I remained home working (or attempting to) on the blog...once they returned home, I left and took a drive to Old Sacramento/Sacramento for some touristy stuff.

This first picture is for my friend Vega Vixen:

The rest are from various places around Old Sacramento...







I thought, after visiting Old Sacramento, that since I was basically "in" Sacramento, I would find my way to downtown and get a few pictures of the Capital Building and maybe see if Arnold was home (he wasn't home).










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