Thursday, December 31, 2009

Follow Up

Saw my ortho this morning for a 1 week check up.  X-rays of thumb and shoulder - the break in the thumb is barely visible, there are no hairline fractures or breaks of any kind in the shoulder.  I am to continue wearing the brace on the thumb and use the arm sling as necessary.  Doctor said that a Grade 1 separation can be way more painful than a Grade 3 simply because with the Grade 3, the ligaments are totally torn apart and not being stretched - so less painful.  With the Grade 1, the ligament is stretched (maybe a slight tear also), but will be extremely sore to the touch.  And, boy is it sore.

So, wear the brace for the thumb for 3 more weeks, do the ROM and strength exercises for the shoulder and get better ASAP.  Hopefully, this will be my last injury/illness for this year. /rolleyes/

Doctor didn't say I couldn't ride my bike, so I'm going to try and ride outside some on the weekends, as the weather permits and hit the trainer during the weeknights until March 14, when the time changes.....

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