Monday, February 22, 2010

I Went And Done It....

Signed up for Assault on Mt Mitchell.  I really hadn't planned on doing the ride this year, but a cycling friend sorta "pushed" me along to register.  Now, that I've registered, I'm glad that I did.  I've been either injured/sick or the weather has been frigid for North Carolina so I haven't ridden in, oh, going on almost 3 months.  

I do have my work cut out for me to get ready for this ride by Monday, May 24 - but, I know what I have to do in order to be ready, and I will get it done.  HTFU.   I absolutely hate the trainer, but it looks like this week will consist of at least an hour of riding the next 4 days with a metric ride on Saturday.  Yep, that's right, I said a metric (63mi) on Saturday.  Remember, I haven't ridden outside since 1/23, which was a 40mi ride at a 16mph pace.  HTFU.  I plan on riding the Frostbite Metric route Saturday and hope to goodness I can manage a 16-17mph pace.  It's pretty flat, a few of the Clayton-area rollers, nothing that I shouldn't be able to do.

I suppose after the metric on Saturday, I'm going to head down to the Tigerville, SC area the following weekend to do an AoMM training ride put on by the Spartanburg FreewheelersThis ride will go over Caesars Head - the one that I bailed on the climb last year because of cramping.  It's a 6.4mi climb with an average grade of 6% (2000' climbing per the web site).  Between that weekend and March 27, I will probably hang around this area and ride N. Raleigh with some "Irregulars" or the Hammer guys.  March 27 is another AoMM training ride - Marquis de Sade, an 82mi training ride.

I guess the rides I do leading up to Mitchell will also get my legs ready for something else I have planned for this summer.  I still can't publicly say what that cycling event will be, but it will be epic and not something that I've previously done before.  So, time to HTFU, say the heck with the cold I seem to have picked up over the weekend with the bf, and get the bikes ready to ride and get my butt out there on the road. :)

Mt Mitchell doesn't give a rat's ass that I have not ridden my bike in 2.5 months - I gotta get my butt out there and train or Mt Mitchell will eat me alive come Monday, May 24!!

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