Monday, June 15, 2009

New Addition To wolfpack's Stable

Yes, there is a new addition to the bike stable. I now have six, yes, that's six, bikes. 80's Lotus Excelle, Felt F1x cross bike, Mangusta FG/SS, Fuji Team RC, The Ruby, and the Rossin (need components to build it up this summer). I was offered a deal on a Specialized Ruby Sworks with SRAM Red that I simply could not pass up. I purchased the bike from Motion Makers bike shop in Sylva, NC.

All I can say is Wow!! This bike rides like a dream - accelerates like crazy when you get out of the saddle and put the power to the pedals, descends like a rocket, and smooth as butter ride. What a big difference between the Ruby and the Fuji. It has been great - I've put around 300mi on it already, with the first ride being The Ruby Ride in Franklin, NC on 5/30. That bike is just great! I'll post some pictures later tonight when I get home (can't do it from work) and maybe do a little more write-up...Not much more to say about the bike except it's just awesome!!!!


Anonymous said...

Formula for correct number of bikes to own:

N + 1

where N = the number of bikes you currently own.


Mike / Raleigh
Research Trailer Park

wolfpack said...

hee hee...i don't know if i can get another one just yet. :) have to get the parts and get that Rossin built up pretty soon.

the son is wanting a bike to ride when he goes to UNCC...maybe i can build one up for him...i think that would be so cool, but he might not want that.