Monday, June 22, 2009

Post Caesars Head Challenge

Well, after that ride, I was really not feeling much love for the bikes. I was tired & sore and the thought of riding my bikes last week was very unappealing. I talked to Andy Sunday evening and told him that I wasn't going to go to TN to ride Cheohala - I just wasn't ready for it, mentally or physically.

The weather helped me out a couple of days the first part of the week with rain, so no riding. I just didn't want to ride. Felt burnt out. I decided (with the suggestions/advice from a couple of friends) that I would just not ride last week, but try to get out over the weekend and do some riding...smell the flowers, enjoy the scenery rides. I broke out the fixie for rides over the weekend.

Saturday, I was up fairly early and took the fixie on a 30mi/1:50hr ride...omg...loads of fun riding that bike!!! Only 2 almost mishaps...first one going over RR tracks - you can't coast!! and the second one was on my first downhill section. The speed picked up quickly and I suppose I became a bit scared of it...losing control...but regained and continued the ride without further incident. The downhills weren't all that bad after I just let my legs go. The uphill sections weren't too bad either - keeping the momentum going, standing out of the saddle for parts. It was actually kind of easier climbing with the fixie on the few upgrades I encountered vs the geared bike. I started to continue on for another hour towards the end of the ride, but thought it might be best not to for the first ride.

Sunday, I didn't get up early enough to ride in the morning, so I had to wait till later in the evening to ride. The wind was also a factor earlier but not so much later. Only rode something like 15-18mi around Clayton - I did entertain thoughts of doing the Saturday ride again, but my legs told me no.

The bike is loads of fun to ride - I just can't believe how much fun it is...I'm entertaining thoughts of doing the Clayton-Goldsboro Century on the fixie....that would be so cool. The fit is pretty good - I do feel a little stretched out and may need a shorter stem, but I'll just leave it as is for right now.

Today, commuted into work on the fixie. I don't know if I looked at my watch (timer) incorrectly when I got to the parking lot, but I thought i read 44mni. If that's the case, that's a 20+avg for the 15mi commute. Hard to believe that. Maybe it was 47 or 48min...dunno...there is no coasting, so maybe it was a fast pace. It won't be that on the way back I don't think.....

Remainder of the week...maybe go do a group ride in Cary with some of the Inside-Out friends tomorrow, commute on Wednesday, Hammer ride on Thursday, commute Friday, weekend not sure...

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