Monday, July 19, 2010

New Addition To The Household...

First of all......NO!  It's not what you think!! :)  Yes, I got rid of the teenagers, but........I added a baby!  A Miniture Pinscher! 

She is a Chocolate Min Pin and I picked her up on 5/28 - her name is Taylor (Taylor Cheese).  The bf had rescued a Min Pin (or so we thought - after seeing him recently, I think he's part Min Pin and Dachshund).  When I picked her up, she was 10 weeks old.  It's now July 20 (almost) and she is 4.5 months old.

Wow.  A lot of the time, I think - "what in the hell was I thinking?????"  My life is so changed with having her - from initially getting up a couple times per night, to taking her outside a lot, to house training, to teaching her commands....It is JUST LIKE having a baby in the house!  OMG. :)  But, as much trouble as it seems at times, I wouldn't change anything. :)  

I can't express how great it is to come home from work or from out cycling and have someone be excited to see me.  Tiger?  Well, yea, I guess she's happy to see me, but is more like - Feed Me!!  Taylor is SO happy to see me after work.  I am getting my backyard fenced in this week too.  It will make it much easier (or so I think) to get outside with her and play and work on some commands.

Ummm, what else?  She's been to doggie daycare 3 times since last week.  Unfortunately, I'm not sure that I will continue taking her.  She is doing very well on house training - when I don't get to her in time, she will use the "puppy pads" and when I do get to her, we go outside to 2 specific areas.  But, I noticed, this past Fri-Sun, that she was peeing anywhere in the kitchen that she wanted to.  Not acceptable.  It comes from the daycare because she has free run over an area inside and outside and just pees/poops where ever she wants to.....this is brought home.  So, I'm not sure whether to continue taking her and just being more diligent with her at home or what.....

That's are a few pictures (the first few are from 5/28 and a little blurry cuz she is all energy!) from when I brought her home (weighed in at 4 pounds 2 weeks afterwards at the vet)

This last photo is after one day at doggie daycare - she is whupped! :)

Oh, and at her last vet visit on 7/9, she weighed in at a whopping 7 pounds!!! She gained 3 pounds in a month. :)


merider (M.E.-rider) said...

Taylor is so darling and your pics are fabulous, Wolfie. Love it. :-)

wolfpack said...

Thanks Mary!