Monday, January 24, 2011

Thinking & Pondering

That is what I am doing this evening.  Anyone reading this knows I pretty much took last year off from any kind of serious riding.  2.5yrs of some (for me) serious training and no fun-ride riding just left me feeling burnt out and not enjoying cycling anymore.  I did one organized ride last year, thought about doing a few others, but never did.

I made a post on my Facebook page - wondering whether 3.5 (actually 15 weeks) months would be enough time to prepare for Assault on Mt Mitchell??  I sorta felt like it wasn't, so I also posted this and that I would do Caesars Head Challenge in June.  Sorta gave up on the idea until an acquaintance from work posted and told me, basically, "so what if you only have 3.5 months?  Train & prepare for it.  You could do the ride and have a PR, but will never know if you don't do the ride.  Some days you are the Hammer.  And some days the Nail".

Well, I know how to train for the ride.  I know the ride.  I can do this.  I can sit down and make out my training plan, stick to it and maybe have a PR.  Maybe I won't PR, but it's a dang fun ride and I will enjoy it.  Do I have to have rides upon rides in the mountains to be able to do this ride?  No.  I have friends from here in flatland that did the ride (pretty dang strong riders) with only training in flatland.  They may have occasionally done day trips or such for climbing rides, but it can be done without.

Just because I haven't been climbing in over a year, does not mean I have forgotten how to climb.  I can take a day trip to Marion and do the last 27 miles.  I can head out to the Hanging Rock/Pilot Mtn area for some training.  It can be done.

Damn.  Do I really have a goal now?  Yes.  Something to work towards - something to motivate me to ride and get back in the shape I was in 2009.  I'm actually excited about this!!  I remember  doing a post last year - talking about how I had signed up for AoMM and then bailing on it later on.  My mind, and more importantly, my heart wasn't in it last year.  I believe both are in it this year. :)

I guess I can use the next few weeks of lunchtime riding, to start building the endurance up, stop being a wussy with the weather & ride more on the weekends, and finally - when DST rolls around be ready to start my favorite part of training - intervals.

I can do it!

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