Friday, November 7, 2008

Afternoon Ride With The Guys

So, today, I had planned on going for a ride after I got my hair cut at 12:30. Wasn't really sure where I'd ride, but had thoughts of doing the Zack Attack route and maybe adding a few miles to it. But, while I was at the bank taking care of some stuff, I got a call from my friend Jay wanting to know if I had played hookey today. :)

He told me that Lawrence and a couple of guys were riding from Lawrence's house and I should come on out...but, but, I have a hair appt! Screw that! Get your priorties straight!! :) OK. So called and canceled the appt, rushed home, changed clothes and loaded up the bike stuff. Got over to Lawrence's house with a little time to spare. It was Lawrence, Jay, Jason, and myself initially and we picked Bobby up on the way.

It was a beautiful day today and a great ride down to the Four Oaks area. A nice relaxed pace - the boys must be gearing down for easy winter rides. Don't know how much elevation change we had - will have to ask Jay, but there were a few short steep climbs and I just picked a point out on them where I told myself "your gonna get outa the saddle and power on up this climb". It worked every time! I'm so proud of myself! There was one climb on the way back, on Steel Bridge Road that was very difficult last year prior to all my training. I crushed it. Hell yes. Stood up and crushed that mother.

That's it for my day. Have to check out the weather forecast for this weekend.....hope to get a ride in Saturday and one Sunday from the Carolina Brewing Co.

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