Thursday, November 13, 2008

Upcoming Bike Stuff

I am going to start doing intervals and such next week. Guess I'll be figuring this out on my own this year - that friend/mentor/coach guy isn't going to help me any this year I don't think....good thing I took good notes last year when I started training.

Tenative schedule for next week....
Monday: zone 4 (168-195w) intervals - 4x8min with 5min rest between the intervals. Try to keep the cadence > 95.
Tuesday: zone 2 (104-140w) recovery ride - incorporate 4 powerstarts every 5min. Cadence > 95.
Wednesday: gym. 30min swim and 30min weights.
Thursday: zone 2 ride with high cadence drills (>120, low watts). 4x2min drills, 5min rest.
Friday: 1 hour ride with 4x3min zone 5 (196-223w) intervals. 6min rest between intervals. Cadence > 100.
Saturday: zone 3 tempo ride (141-167w). Try to get 2 hours in.
Sunday: No road bike today. Possibly take cross bike to Umstead and ride for 1.5hr. Possible gym before or after Umstead.

All of the above is tenative, as far as the wattage...I'm tempted to go out this Saturday or Sunday and perform an FTP test. I sorta think the wattages I've listed above might be slightly low, but not 100% sure.

I'll also have to do these rides during my lunch time. That's gonna mean that I will have to work till probably 5:30 cause I'm not sure I can get all of that stuff done in an hour with a 10min warmup/cooldown. Oh well, gotta do whatcha gotta do.


nickel said...

I'm going to have a coach for the first time this year so I can share any tidbits of info I learn.

wolfpack said...

Thanks Nickel! I can, most likely, use all the help I can get.

Hopefully, my team will start to get stuff together for the upcoming season....