Saturday, January 3, 2009

First Cx Race Report

OK...lemme say, I had a FREAKIN' BLAST today. I am hooked. It was awesome!!! Ryan, you were so right about hte people there at the race...everyone cheers you on! It was great!

So, I go up this morning a little late, 7:20am, took a shower and proceeded to get my stuff into the car. Left Andy's house around 8am or so. I messed up when I got to Asheville tho....stopped to get gas and then headed on I-40 WEST!!!!!!!! I must've been missing Andy already.

I didn't get to the site until 11:20am, which gave me time to get dressed, sign in and wait till the first race was over so I could go ride the course. My friend Dallas was there when I got there, so he and I went and rode the course for one lap. Ummmm, I will be at tomorrow's race with enough time to ride a few laps. Did not ride enough this morning.

So, we line up, cx4 men starting 1min ahead of the women & juniors. I hammered hard at the start and I'm up there with the first 2 or 3 women. Get to the first barrier and I totally F up. Didn't get off the bike correctly, got ran into, leaving a nice mark on my leg, couldn't get back on the bike properly, therefore, allowing almost all of the riders to pass me. Damnit. I do manage to catch up with some of the women and pass one. One. F. Oh well, at least I was in front of 1 other woman. I kept it that way. Pretty much rode by myself for the next 2 laps cuz the women were so far ahead of me.

The course was pretty nice. Only 2 barriers. One was just the kind you can jump over and the other was on an incline, 3 steps up. There was also a paved section, like a greenway path, where I hammered best I could and also sorta rested a bit. Then it was into the woods, with one hill, that if you are a good enough runner, you might do better running it. I climbed it on the bike well enough. Watching the guys before the race, you could hear them breathing reallly hard after coming out of the woods. I understand why now. I lost a lung somewhere on the course.

I managed 3 laps in the 30min time. Dallas did 4 laps. I guess hte other women might have done 4 too, but I don't know. I don't have any pictures of me on the race yet - Dallas's gf took pics/videos of us and she'll email me those next week. After the race, we walked around the course and I have quite a few pictures from that. Don't have them uploaded or processed yet. Hope to get that done tonight, but we'll see.

Overall, I had a great time. Looking forward to the race tomorrow and the rest of them this month. I do think I'll be doing this in the fall. I can also see where some short, intense intervals would be very helpful for these races, so I may try to get some done during the week at lunch.

I really can't think of anything else right now. Except food. I had a chicken biscuit in A'ville and that's been it today except for a gel right before the race.

results: 12/13, was not DFL.



nickel said...

Awesome!! What are you using for a CX bike?

wolfpack said...

I'm riding a Felt Fx1. It did pretty well today. Tomorrow may be a different story tho...60% chance of rain at race time. :(