Saturday, May 16, 2009

Additions To The Bike Stable

Yes, I am adding to the stable. I have a friend on bikeforums who had a Rossin frame/fork for sale and I bought that off of him last week. It should be arriving sometime next week. Postal service between the US and Canada for large packages is a bit slow. My plan is to put some vintage Campy on it, but I don't have any parts yet. Watching ebay for those things.

In the meantime, while waiting on this bike, I've been wanting to build up a fixed gear/single speed bike for the longest time. One of my friends at work, who also rides, told me that Ed at CycleLogic had some road frames that he had cut the road dropouts out and replaced with horizontal dropouts. Great price too - $150. So, late yesterday afternoon, I took off for the LBS with the intent of purchasing the frame/fork and other parts for a build. Left with the frame/fork and everything needed to build it up. I got busy last night and was doing well until I cut the chain 1 link short. Damn. Measure twice, cut once. I obviously didn't measure twice. And, ran into another stem is for OS bars and the bars I have are skinny. Will head over to Performance a little later this morning to see if I can get a shim for the stem and a link put back into the chain. I should be done this afternoon and will just take it for a ride up/down my street a few times.

The work in progress:

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