Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I've been pretty lax about keeping this updated. Pretty much all of July, since around the 15th, I was sick, but still tried to get a ride in with the guys on Tuesday evenings. I did the HP&A ride, rode maybe, 1x the following week then jumped right onto a century with the guys for August 1.

That century was really good...four of us riding (me, Dallas, Cliff, & Randall), the route had a little bit of hills/rollers from Dallas's house to Middlesex & Elm City, but we kept the pace reasonable - 18+/- average and I felt good despite my lack of riding. Once we left Elm City, we headed out towards Wilson - made a route around Wilson and headed towards Fremont. Very good roads to ride on, traffic minimal, and what traffic we did have, was courteous.

Weather was good to us as well - overcast for the majority of the day and the temps weren't too high. I hit the wall big time around 87-90 miles into the ride. Yes, I had eaten and drank enough, but I suppose asking my legs to churn out 100+ miles with not much mileage in them was a bit much. Dallas & Randall waited on me and paced me back in until we got on Thanksgiving Rd. They left me then, but I was ok with that - I knew where I was going. Finished up the ride about 10min later than those guys.

Stats (best I can remember): 101mi/4hr40min...

I didn't ride any the following week....too hot, not feeling great. Another century for the weekend was planned though. Same route but we added 2 more people and Randall was out. This ride didn't start out as planned - too fast to Middlesex/Elm City. The 2 new guys kicked the pace up to 20mph average for that 40 miles and it was just too much for me. I felt bad at Elm City, but didn't mention anything to the guys. Somewhere along 50miles or so, I started feeling those familiar twinges in my right quad. Yep, cramps coming on. They were bad.

I made it to Fremont and then finally to Kenly, where I had planned on waiting and having Dallas come back to get me. But, after scarfing down 2 cheeseburgers from McDonald's, I felt slightly better and thought I'd try to make it on back - it was only about 20-25 more miles back to Dallas's house. But, no, my legs were done. I made it to the little church at Old 222 and told Dallas I just couldn't go any further. He caught up with the guys (who had left us - he was riding with me now), but blew himself up in doing so.

I lay on the porch of that church in the shade (very hot on this ride) and cramped like I haven't cramped in a long time. So bad were the cramps they brought tears to my eyes. When Dallas finally made it back to me, he said he cramped up when he got home - rode his ass off to catch the guys...anyways, only made it 85miles in 4:40hr. Once home, had lots to drink and some food, plopped my butt on the couch, legs up, trying not to move much because if I did, my legs cramped.

These cramps were so bad, that on Monday I could hardly walk - the muscles were SO sore. Tuesday was a little better and of course, I didn't do any riding the remainder of this week.....


skiffrun said...

There ain't no rollers down around Elm City and Wilson. Dat be da' Flatland!

If you are thinking of doing an "Irregulars 200k" (you know the date), you gotta' ride enough bumps so that you, too, think there is nothing worth calling a "roller" down Elm City / Wilson way, because the "Irregulars 200k" climbs up the NC "fall-line" and comes back down, and after it is back down, it still ain't flat.

There won't be no 20+ mph on the "Irregulars 200k".

Yes, I'm being a hard ass.

skiffrun said...

I forgot to put in the smiley face on the previous comment. So:


wolfpack said...

yea, it was flat once we got to Elm City/Wilson area. the rollers were more towards Middlesex, but nothing that i had any trouble with really.

not riding in the mtns since may, i've lost my climbing legs, but i'm sure i'll be fine on teh "irregulars 200k".

skiffrun said...

Well, the closest I've ever been to the middle of Middlesex is 7.33 miles, at the intersection of NC-581 and Strickland Rd (on NC Bike Route #2), by a semi-reasonable, yet direct cycling route.

Rollers? Hmmn.