Saturday, November 7, 2009

Long, Windy, Got Left By The Guys Ride :)

I've been doing the cx races lately, but decided after last weeks race that I may not do all of those in the Fall series due to race/gas costs.  At $23 registration fee and $30-60 on gas (depends on driving distance to race), it's just getting a little more expensive to do.  Sure, it's fun, but I'm not going to win any races and will most likely always place in the 12-20, I'm going to save my $$ for my Epic Ride next year.

That being said, it was to be a nice day today, albiet a bit windy and I mentioned to Martin that I would come out and ride with the "Irregulars".  He had a 70mi route planned and I didn't see any reason why I couldn't do that.  Uh-huh.  I must have forgotten that I hadn't ridden that kind of distance in a couple months.  My eyes were definitely bigger than my legs.  Or my butt.  

I'll just make it short 'n sweet for right now, but will come back when I'm not so damn tired to complete the write up....I'll leave you with the ending............

Just gonna leave it at, I rode an extra 4mi because the guys dropped my butt like a red hot coal once we turned onto Ghoston...I knew they would, as I'm now a slug when it comes to climbing, but I really thought they'd wait on me at the next turn.  Guess I thought wrong.  I got to the next turn and the guys were no where to be found.  OK.  I waited around for a couple minutes, trying to remember which way to go - left or right.  I just couldn't remember, so I went left.  Wrong.  Rode about 2mi in the wrong direction, realized this didn't look familiar and turned around.  Back on the route to BJP and I didn't think I would EVER get back to my car.  Very tired.

Finally made it back, about 15min behind the guys.  That's all for now...I have a couple pictures to upload too.


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skiffrun said...

fyi, should you ever turn left off Ghoston onto NC-98 again, and make it all the way to that first stop light . . . well, that stop light is at New Light / Six Forks . . . so, if you make it that far, just turn right at that light and you'll be on Six Forks, only 1.5 miles from Pleasant Union Ch Rd.

At PUC Rd, turn left and the parking lot is only 0.4 miles. Turn right, and PUE is only 2 flat miles away.

We were and are very embarrassed about leaving you. In the summer, we had gotten in the habit of waiting in the shade just after the turn onto Peed Rd. We did the same this time, and . . . we should have waited at the top of Ghoston. After all, it wasn't very hot. /:rolleyes:/