Monday, November 2, 2009


No NCCX #3 race in Boone for me on Sunday.  A bout of EIA even before I could warm up.  The ride from my car down to registration and back up to my car invoked the EIA.  That's seemed like an awfully hard course, given the rain and mud.  I would've done the race had I been able to breathe.

This week will be spin classes on Tuesday/Thursday at Inside-Out Sports and a cross ride on Wednesday from IOS to Umstead.  Gonna check about getting an 11-28 instead of the 12-25 currently on teh bike.  Dallas thinks this will be a tremendous help with the climbing and I'm tending to agree.  Up next is 2 races this weekend - Charlotte and Salisbury.  Guess I'm in for both after I get the cassette changed out....damn, I suck at cx racing.  Oh well, it is pretty fun!

Not much else going on right now....major ride announcement coming in the near future, don't ask.  I'll let the followers know when it's time, but until then...just guess. :)

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