Sunday, November 8, 2009

Ice, Ice, Baby!

So, ole Dallas wanted to meet at Legend Mtb Park this afternoon for an "easy" ride.  Uh huh.  When will I learn.  He learned from the best - LJ.  :)

Met him there a little after 2pm, put my pedals on one of his mtb's and off we go.  Now, remember....I haven't ridden a mtb in probably a year, I was riding an unfamiliar bike (though it doesn't matter since I hadn't ridden in so long), and....this park is NOT easy/beginner friendly.

Off we go....I do ok until we reach the first big downhill...we stop at the top and he tells me that he's going to go down it the way (line) he wants me to go.  Uh huh.  I try.  But on the way down, left foot unclipped, I grab a handful of front brake.  Uh Oh.  I didn't hit the ground but the bike did. :)  Walk the rest of that mess.  In fact, I walked quite a bit due to lack of confidence/losing my momentum on the uphills.  Some how or another I bang my left knee on the handlebars on an uphill and will have a nice bruise from that too.  I do so-so until............the big roots.

The big roots in a slight right hand/straight/downhill (very slight downhill) section.  Not enough speed to carry me through and yep...I go down.  On the drive side, on my right side.  OMG.  That hurt.  A few choice, but somewhat lady-like words were said, repeatedly.  Hurt.  Ouch.  2 huge goose-eggs popped up on my leg just above my knee.  While laying there on the ground, I could feel my leg twitching in pain.   Finally, I managed to get untangled from the bike and walk around a bit.  I told Dallas that I hope we are about done with this, but he says he has no idea how to get out of there....every time he comes over to ride that park, he gets lost.  /roll eyes/  I tell him that the road is just "over there" and that's where I'm going.  We exit the trails and head back to the car.

Ankle and the meaty part of my right thumb hurt the worst right now.  A bit of ice should help out.

So.....will I go mtb'ing with Dallas again?  Yep.  BUT....we will have to enjoy the Harris Lake trails a few times to let me build my confidence/skills up before I will go back to Legened. my butt is sore from yesterday's 74mi ride and my right knee/ankle/thumb area/left knee is sore.  It will be interesting to see how I feel in the morning.  Planned on a road ride at lunch tomorrow.  Know what?  That road ride will happen....HTFU. :)


skiffrun said...

Seems to me that getting "left by the guys" is safer.

wolfpack said... would appear so, wouldn't it?

it was fun, though and will probably ride with D again...we just have to ride something that is a lot easier!!

i'm gonna be sore as hell tomorrow...

Nic said...

Yikes! If I am riding in an unfamiliar place, I usually put platforms on the bike so that I can escape from the bike more easily. :)

wolfpack said...'s more or less scratches this morning, though the knee & ankle hurt a little. i'll be ready to ride again this coming weekend. :)