Saturday, January 16, 2010

2 In A Row

With the weather being really nice around here for the first time in a while, I took advantange of it and got a few things done yesterday and today.  My car was the first thing to get taken care of after I got off work on Friday.  It had not been cleaned up since back in September or October and was filthy.  Filthy both inside and outside.  With that task completed, I headed home to do a bit of detail work on the car and spent about an hour with that.  Just beautiful outside.  

The second thing to take care of Friday was to get a ride in.  Accomplished that with an 18 mile ride from the house out towards Auburn-Knightdale road, over to Shotwell, back through town and then home.  Again, beautiful outside and I sure do wish I were able to ride longer right now.  Patience.  Friday's ride was not all that slow either - managed to get the 18 miles done in a little over an hour.

I had an email from Dallas earlier Friday asking me if I was able to ride now.  I replied back that I thought I was, but I haven't ridden in almost 2 months and there was no way I'd be able to keep up with him, whether that was on the road or at Umstead.  He told me that the guys were going to ride today and that I should come out and ride a bit with them.  I agreed and the plan was for me to ride somewhere between 12-15 miles and then peel off to head back home.  Wow.  I believe I left a lung out on Hwy 231 somewhere.  I did ok for the first couple of miles, but as soon as there was any kind of incline to the road, I struggled.

Thank goodness for Randall.  As, I'm losing a lung and the wheel in front of me going up 231, I move over to the right a bit and motion for the guys to go on.  They're not having any of that though.  Randall comes up beside me and tells me to just keep going at the pace I'm going and he puts his hand on my back to "help" me along.  I would not have made it if he hadn't done that - not once, but twice during the 13 miles I was able to ride with them.  We finally reached NC 39 and I told Dallas I was turning to head back to the house.  

Headed back via NC39 to Antioch, Thanksgiving, Covered Bridge.  Ended up with 23 miles in 1:25hr.  The time with Dallas and the guys was 13 miles, 40-something minutes with an 18.5mph average!  Holy Crap!  No wonder I lost a lung out there this morning! :)

Tomorrow might just be 30-45 minutes on the trainer then Monday (MLK Holiday) I will try to get out in the afternoon and ride 25 miles from the house.  Gradually, getting back into riding.....

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