Monday, February 21, 2011

Bad Valentine's Week

I managed to get all my training rides in for last week, except my tempo ride for Saturday.  Reason?  My Dad fell on Wednesday morning and broke his right hip.  He had surgery that night to replace the ball.  He's still in the hospital today due to acute confusion & hallucinations.  Initially, he was going to be discharged this past weekend, but his blood platelets were low and they wanted to keep him to make sure they started to go back up.  That got better, but there were still more problems.

His blood pressure was also high and not responding very well to the medication.  That's not all.  He ripped all his iv's out Friday night, he's not eating and at times, refusing to even drink.  He's back on iv's for hydration and more medication for the high blood pressure.  The acute confusion and hallucinations are, from what the doctor's tell me, the surgery in general, pain medications, unfamiliar location.  He's just really in his own little world.  But, fortunately, he does recognize me, can tell you his name & birthday.

I really just think, giving him a few more days in the hospital, to make sure he's starting to eat again and the confusion stuff goes away, he'll be fine later this week.  At least I really hope so.  

I didn't do too well on the rides after Wednesday - I had a recovery ride Thursday and VO2 max intervals for Friday.  Those intervals didn't go well because I hadn't been eating very much and not getting enough rest.  I had to stop doing those negative things over the weekend because I won't be any good to my Dad if I don't take care of me, nor will I be able to ride.

That's about all for last week.  Zone 4 intervals this evening and all were pretty good.

#1: 188/185
#2: 188/188
#3: 188/185

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