Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Training Week

Well, it's been a week since I started my AoMM training.  I have managed to get the interval & zone 3 rides done, but the recovery rides haven't been as easy to do.  A zone 2 recovery ride for an hour on the trainer???  I just can't seem to do those.  But, I will do my intervals on the trainer.  Someone once told me - "Never skip your intervals" and I really have and will try to not skip them.

This past Sunday, I managed to get out for 2 hours and do a zone 3 tempo ride out in the county.  It was a very nice day and I really enjoyed the ride.  My only concern was that I may have under-estimated my power zones.  I decided to use the zones calculated from December 2007, but after the tempo ride and the first interval session, I think I'm a tad low.

Thinking I was a tad low on the power zones, I upped them and did the zone 4 intervals at the new level.  I think I'm close.  I was expecting company yesterday evening and just did not have time to get all 6 intervals done before 7pm (expected arrival).  I did squeek out 5x3min zone 4 intervals and the last one was really becoming hard (202w avg).  Therefore, since the 5th one was becoming a bit difficult towards the end and thinking that had I been able to do a 6th one, it would have really been more difficult.  Just the way they're supposed to be. :)

Tomorrow, Thursday, February 10, I have a zone 3 tempo ride scheduled.  The weather probably isn't going to be conducive to outdoor riding plus, I won't have enough daylight, so it looks like it's another trainer ride.  Oh Yay. 

Half day Friday - I may do another zone 4 interval session and the weekend looks fabulous, so I'll definitely be riding outside over the weekend.  Very much looking forward to the outside rides!!!  Next week looks very promising too! :)

Guess that's all for now....

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watching movies always helps time go by ;)