Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 1, Week 1

Day 1 in the books for my AoMM training.  On the table this evening were 4x6min zone 4 intervals. I think I have learned how to do them without going out too hard at the beginning and then faltering at the end.  Lots of wind this evening (head/crosswind) and for once, that wasn't all that bad, maybe helped somewhat.  It was a bit hard to keep the average on the lower end of my zone, but I did manage to do that as well as increase them 10+/- watts each time.

I did get all of them done and I don't believe I could have done another one that would have been better than the last one.  Great job!  Rode back to the car, then picked Taylor up at doggy daycare and on home.  I even got the after workout nutrition correct!  1 serving of Recoverite, then a shower, and lastly a 1c serving of pasta/sauce, 1 slice of spinach/feta pizza, and a Sweet Water 420 Extra Pale Ale. :)

My legs are definitely feeling the effects of this workout right now.  I will be going to bed in about an hour or so too - Andy's old sayings & training are still remembered - "Rest, Recover, Get Stronger".  Early to bed so that I can get up at 5:20am to take Taylor for a 20-30 min walk (with a few stints of running) before breakfast & going to work.

Tomorrow will be a nice 1 hour recovery ride.  I'm so glad I have a schedule to follow!  Structure & organization I do like!!!

Interval session (181-211w=zone 4):
#1 188/187/89 (normal power/avg power/rpm)
#2 191/191/93
#3 205/204/90
#4 218/217/88

Hmmmm...cadence needs to be 95+.  I'll have to work on just spinning at 95+ tomorrow and the high cadence drills later this week should help get me back into more spinning.  Better for the knees.

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