Friday, April 10, 2009

200k Aftermath

Pretty tired the next day, but decided to go for an easy recovery ride late Sunday afternoon. I started to go just after lunch, but felt the need for a nap, so nap it was. I should have went ahead and rode then because when I went out later Sunday evening, the wind had really picked up. Made for an interesting ride...pretty much headwind the whole ride. 22.5mi.

Monday, I was really feeling the effects of the previous week's mileage, 220mi for the week, which included the 130mi on Saturday and 22.5mi on Sunday. No riding. Rest & Recover. Tuesday, I woke up feeling really crappy. Lots of pollen in the air over the weekend and I think that was really bothering me - scratchy throat, headache, a bit of chest congestion, general tiredness. Everyone told me it was the 200k - that it took a lot more out of me than I realized. I suppose so.

Wednesday - no riding either. Closed on the refinancing of my house into my name, then went home and started cleaning the filing cabinets out. I'm still working on getting the crapload of old papers shredded! I also stayed up WAY too late talking to an old friend and a new friend.

Thursday - an hour's worth of Tempo riding, 2hr total riding. Felt sorta ok, but the pollen was creating havoc with my breathing. Almost decided to bail on the ride after 30min into it, but said no. Again, up late talking to the new friend.
Was able to sleep in till 7:30am this morning and had plans to ride with Dallas and Russell at 11am, but I just felt too tired. And, since I'm going to be riding from Marion to Mt Mitchell in the morning with Andy, I just decided to bail on the ride and try to work on this shredding stuff....


skiffrun said...

Dear Ms. "220 miles in one week and I'm tired":

More complete rest days. Regardless of what the slave-driver says.

Then ride longer on the days you do ride. (Whose plan does that sound like?)

wolfpack said...

oh, the slave-driver was harpin on me to rest more. told me that ride took a lot more out of me than i realized. he's always on me about resting.