Monday, April 20, 2009

Saturday's AoMM Long Training Ride

Saturday was to be my long ride, 100mi to Goldsboro and back - trying to get in another 100mi ride in preparation for AoMM. Talked with my friend Dallas on Thursday after riding with him and he said that he would ride with me. The Hammers were planning on a 50-60mi ride that morning, so he and I rode with them for almost an hour, to the split for those guys to turn around and us to start long.

There were 8 of us initially in the group and this made for some really good, fast paceline riding. We averaged 21mph until the split and Dallas & I still had that average when we reached Fremont. It's too bad the rest of the guys or at least some of them, wouldn't come with us. It would have been very easy to make this a 5hr century. Oh well, maybe next time, when everyone has a few more miles in their legs besides me.

Once we got to Fremont, we refilled the bottles and headed on out 222E - nice flat straight road and really beautiful country side. Had some wind with us on that stretch, more of a cross wind, but once we turned off of 222 and headed south towards Goldsboro, oh boy! Headwind. This started around mile 35 or so and we had it the rest of the ride. Dallas is a dang workhorse! He wouldn't come off the front and pulled and pulled and pulled.

We got to Goldsboro in 2.5hr (50mi) and then cruised a little bit finding our way through and over to Hwy 581. Into the wind. Still. We took 581 all the way back to 222 and into Kenly, where we stopped for a short break - the only one all day. 72mi in the books at that time in something like 3:45hr. At this point, Dallas had gone further than he has in a long time and was ready to get home and off the bike. I was just ready to get home. I knew we weren't going to get the 100mi in either because it wasn't 30mi back to Rick's house and neither of us wanted to make it 30mi...

So, we left Kenly and headed back towards the house...87mi/4:40hr. I think if we had gone to the south of Goldsboro, we would have had the 100mi, but whatever. Still a good ride. My legs are quite sore today though and I'll probably get out sometime this afternoon to do a "recovery" ride. In the wind no less.

4 more weeks till AoMM....

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