Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tuesday Hammer Tempo Ride

Tuesday was to be a 1hr Tempo ride for me and I thought that I could maybe do this ride with Dallas and the guys, so I called him and left a message...he gets back up with me and says to come on out!

Since I told him I needed to get a good hour of riding in, he sorta picked a route out (we do this on the fly, no Q-sheet) that had nice really long stretches and not very many turns. It was an awesome ride...a good 25-30min warmup and then I took the lead and pulled for only 20min. "Only" 20min because my power was way above what it should've been for a "tempo" ride and I need to learn to control my pace better. So, I came off the front but didn't go directly to the back...sorta just rode in the center of the lane so that I wouldn't get any benefit of a draft from the guys. Pretty much rode like this for the whole hour - those guys taking rotations off the front.

After the hour, in which Dallas & Cliff really cranked it up and did a tempo ride with me, we were in cool-down mode for the return trip. Until the last couple of miles. It was getting on after 7:15pm, ominous clouds in the sky and I don't think any of us wanted to be caught out in any storms. Dallas kicked it up a notch or two on the way back, pulling us along at around 25-26mph! Very easy to sit in behind Dallas and tool along. :)


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