Monday, April 20, 2009

My PT Spoke To Me Today....

And It told me this - "YOU SUCK!" That's right. My intervals sucked donkey balls big, big time this evening. Seems like I'm never going to learn to Start Slow to Finish Fast. Damnit. Way, way too hard on the first one of the first set and just totally blew up for the remainder of the intervals.

Hell, they were so sucky, I'm not even posting them.

Talking to Andy this evening about it and he suggests (same as he has before) that I try to go easier at the beginning and build up to the last interval of each set being the best, i.e. 270, 285, 300+ watts. Oh yea...he also threw in an extra interval for each set, so now, on Thursday, I'll do 2 @ 4x1min intervals. Great. But, I want to get better and he says this will help, so I'll do what I'm told.

Tomorrow is a 1 hour zone 3 Tempo ride (151-182w). Wednesday will be easy spin day, then hit those intervals again on Thursday. I hope they're better than the last ones I've done. Then it's off to Burnsville on Friday for the Burnsville Metric.


skiffrun said...

I think I have to demote you from "better" to only "stronger." Until you can demonstrate "self-controlled" again to re-earn "better". Control that effort and pace. I betcha Andy has told you that innumerable times regarding your Mitchell ride.

However, I guess you have to be careful about pacing yourself out of the first 750 to reach the parkway. With your flatland speed, I imagine that will not be an issue for you.

So . . . control thyself!

wolfpack said...

*hangs head* yes, i have been told too many times and i should have it down pat now.

thursday will be controlled because Andy has said he wants to see better numbers and that i CAN do this. so, i will control myself on thursday...

yes, pacing will be key from Spartanburg to Marion. must find a group going at my pace and let them pull me to Marion. save as much as possible for the climbs.