Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Name of The Game....

was Control and Pacing this evening...

Messed up on the 1min intervals on Monday by not staying in control and pacing myself properly. Fussed at by Andy and Martin about doing this, so this evenings goal was to be in control - show both of them and myself, that I can do this.

Set out with the goal of starting the intervals in the 250w range and increasing 15w or so for each interval. Success!

20min warmup which included a 5min VO2 interval, followed by 5-6min easy spinning then begin the intervals....

#1: 251/96/19.2
#2: 276/95/21.8
#3: 292/102/21.2
#4: 311/95/23.4
#5: 256/99/20.6
#6: 272/96/22
#7: 271/91/21.2
#8: 300/ 93/22.5

The first set was great. The second set was ok until the 3rd interval. OMG. I held it up around 290-something for about 20-25s, but, the burn! I just couldn't hold it. The last interval started at over 300w, but fell quickly. It was SO hard. It was everything I could, including a bit of yelling, to get it back up to 300w after it fell all the way down to 288w. Whew. Kick Ass last set of intervals.

I'm tired now...and was very hungry when I got home....didn't have enough to eat during the day today...

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skiffrun said...

That's much better. +1 pt towards moving from "stronger" back to "better". How many "self-control" pts does it take to get from "stronger" to "better", you ask?

Only The Shadow knows ... .