Thursday, May 8, 2008

4 Weeks Till Marion!

Yes, that's correct! Today is May 8 and 4 weeks from now, I'm either going to be home chilling on the couch or chilling somewhere in the WNC mountains. I have my training plan for the next 4 weeks, and hopefully, will peak around this time for Marion.

So, here's what the coach/mentor guy has in store for me: for the next 4 weeks, I will be doing 3x10min intervals at 95% of my FTP with decreasing rest periods. Rest periods start at 5min and decrease to 3min. The week prior to Marion, I will cease these intervals and do 3 sets of 3x30s intervals 2x that week. I also have the opportunity to ride with the Hammer guys 1x a week in place of one of the interval sessions. I can probably do the Thursday evening ride, as they tend to go at a slightly slower pace...18-19mph! Yea, I can handle that (or so my brain is telling me).

Tonight, I couldn't get anyone to come out and ride, so I just did hill repeats on Jordan-Narron, our local "hard" climb. I did 6 repeats - 3 in the 34 ring and 3 in the 50 ring. Stats below...

First 3 are done in 34/26, 34/28, 34/24 (or whatever the top 3 cogs are on SRAM 11-28)
Last 3 are done in 50/26, 50/28, 50/24 (or whatever the top 3 cogs are on SRAM 11-28)

#1: 215/83/10.2; AP/rpm/speed
#2: 193/101/9.6
#3: 198/86/9.9
#4: 214/79/11.1
#5: 220/73/11.4
#6: 230/66/11.8

This is about a 3.5-4% grade over 0.75mi. Not much climbing available in this area of NC.

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