Thursday, May 1, 2008

It's Getting Closer....

Raven Rock Ramble that is. Three more days. And, the projected forecast is for 40% chance of T-storms. This is the third year I've registered that it will be raining. But, unless it's just a friggen downpour like I had up in Sylva on Sunday, I will be riding.

I've made up my mind to do the 100mi route. Must remember to start slow to finish fast. Ride smart. Pace myself. All the other things that the c/m (coach/mentor) guy tells me. It's only 2900' +/- of climbing over 104 miles...pretty dang flat. I did more than that at Crowders Mtn and at Burnsville. I'm feeling good about this ride.

Yesterday, I a recovery type ride, started out doing the Zack Attack route from the Grocery Bag. Felt really good and strong the first half of the ride, had an 18mph average to Pine Level. But, that didn't last. I didn't drink all of my water on Tuesday nor did I drink all of it on Wednesday - only half a gallon each of those days. I could definitely tell a difference - I started to get cramping in my calves on the way back and I also got cold. Cut out about 8mi from the route to just get back as quickly as I could. Ended up with 35.6 miles in 2:05. Not too shabby.

Today, I did intervals again. 4x5min VO2 max at 95-105% of my FTP. I nailed these today.

#1: 184/182/104; #2: 189/182/106; #3: 186/182/104; #4: 202/192/99 (np/ap/rpm)

These felt pretty good today, not too terribly hard, but some leg fatigue after about 3min. Just had to push on through that though. I would pretend that I was trying to hang onto Andy's wheel and not get dropped those last 2 harder minutes:) I guess all the other interval training I've been doing is paying off.

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