Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Meh...Didn't Go As I Wanted

The intervals that is....

I got a pretty good warm up in on the way to Hwy 96 and rode this for about 8 miles. The first interval was good - started a little bit too hard, but backed off a bit so I could finish it. Started to fade after about 7 minutes, but had to just push on through. This interval took me all the way to Hwy 42, where I met Lawrence & the Hammers. Stopped and chatted with them for a minute or two and then did the second interval. Not nearly as good as the first. More hilliness on this section and I started out way faster/harder than the first one! Stupid. Really started to fade at 5 minutes on this one. Legs were burning something fierce, cardio was going out the roof. Saddle needed to be adjusted to tilt down a bit more.

The last one was done on Covered Bridge/Thanksgiving roads. Into the wind. Just didn't have anything to put into this last interval. Fade again after 6 minutes or so. Finished up on Thanksgiving and the climb up Jordan-Narron wasn't too bad. Made sure that I went easy (gear-wise) up this climb because I didn't want to get any pain or hurt anything. Knee felt fine for the whole ride. No pains at all.

#1: 183/177/100 (np/ap/rpm)
#2: 167/158/100
#3: 168/156/97

Total distance=21mi

Guess I should have eaten more before riding. /rolleyes/ Special K Red Berries & strawberries for breakfast w/hard boiled egg. Turkey w/swiss on whole wheat for lunch. Nothing to eat before doing the intervals, so I pretty much know why I didn't do well with them....

I'll most likely do these again on Friday and then the following Monday I'll do 3 sets of 3x30s intervals hard as you can go. Repeat this again on Thursday.

Almost time for AoM!!!! I sure hope I'm ready for this.

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