Monday, May 12, 2008

This Week's Stuff

Well, I've got my schedule from the coach/mentor guy for what I need to be doing now till AoM. Steady State intervals 2x a week until the week before AoM, when I'll go back to Speed Intervals.

The SS intervals are 3x10min at 95% of my FTP and I'm to hold that power steady for the interval. I can substitute one Hammer ride for one of the intervals. I haven't done the SS intervals rained out yesterday and today, the wind is just as bad. I'm also experiencing some pain/discomfort behind my left knee. I think this is from the hill repeats I did last Thursday on Jordan-Narron. I'll probably try to do them tomorrow and a Hammer ride on Thursday. Then Friday I'm off to WNC.

I also had a great, but short ride with the Cyclepaths on Saturday. Rode with 2 great guys up to the rest stop at 20mi and then we picked up Jay & Erica for the last 11 miles. Really good ride, everyone working together, taking pulls, and ended up with a nice average....30.6 miles, 19.1mph pace.

As far as the rest of this week....I may take it just a bit easy since I have some pain behind my left knee - most likely the result of hill repeats last week. Will try to get out and do the 3x10's tomorrow and a Hammer ride on Thursday.

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