Monday, May 26, 2008

Updates For Last Week...

Man......what a week last week and the week leading up to the BRP rides was. Last week, I had to take it somewhat easy and not do the planned intervals because of the left knee/leg pain I had. I got in a very easy, low cadence 15mi ride on Monday, a nice zone 2/3 lowish cadence 1.5hr ride on Wednesday - still feeling a bit of discomfort, and then I decided to commute to work on Thursday & Friday of last week. The commuting days were ok, not much pain on the first day and even less to none on the second day. Looking good.

Then on Saturday, I had to get new shoes for the car, so I had my bike with me and rode from the tire place home, doing 3x2min high cadence intervals. The cadence was good, but the power was way too high for these intervals. Not on the plan, but I figured since I was off the reservation already, might as well be off of it good. :) I had no pain at all during or after these intervals. Good news to me.

Sunday I rode the NCBC Summer Metric route with friends, Jon, Tim, Neal, Nick, Ken, & Mike. Route included Col de Lystra and Bynum Bridge Road. 2 of the harder climbs around Jordan Lake. I got dropped, as usual, on Lystra and was seriously thinking of turning around at 15/501, but Tim talked me into continuing. After that, I just had nothing left in my legs. I felt really tired. Tim and Nick hung back and rode with me the rest of the ride. It was a long day, but I finished what I started and that's a good thing. There was no pain on any part of this ride in my knee. I think I'm better. I hope so!

I also messed with the bike fit - and frustrated the coach/mentor guy cause there wasn't anything wrong with it in the first place. Then, I couldn't find the paper that I had written the measurements down on. Had to drive back over to work to get the paper that had measurements prior to switching out stem/seatpost. Got everything all back in the correct spot and will try it out tomorrow.

So, for the last 10 days (not including today), I've had only 1 day off from riding. Not good. Not following the plan. I had 175mi for last week. And, since April, I've racked up at least 110mi each week. The commuting isn't going to work until after AoM. Need to strictly follow the plan for the next 2 weeks prior to Marion!!

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