Monday, May 26, 2008

Week of May 26

So, you ask, what is up for this week in wolfpack's training plan??

Since my knee no longer hurts, I'm back to the schedule for this week, which includes a set of 3x10min 95% of FTP intervals on Tuesday and 2 sets of 3x30s intervals (hard as you can go) on Friday. It was sort of nice not having to do those last week, but I really like the structured type of plan and I'm looking forward to getting back on it.

Wednesday & Thursday will probably be a 1.5-2hr zone 2/3 ride and a 2hr zone 3 ride. Not sure what's for Saturday....I had thought about doing the 41mi route of the 3 Mountain Madness and tackling Saurtown Mtn that day as well. I dunno. I'll see how I feel later in the week and also talk it over with the coach/mentor guy again. I think it has around 3000' climbing.

Huh. That looks pretty tame for this week. Am I missing something here??

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