Monday, April 28, 2008

What's Up This Week??

After a really great weekend of mountain riding, this week is going to be a slightly easy week.

Monday: No riding today - complete rest day.
Tuesday: No riding - go to the gym and do upper body/core work.
Wednesday: Zone 2 recovery ride, cadence >95.
Thursday: VO2 max intervals - 4x5min with equal rest between intervals, cadence > 100rpm. I think these might be a little painful...haven't done intervals of much length in a month...guess we'll see.
Friday: Zone 2 recovery ride, cadence >95.
Saturday: Not sure what will be done today....maybe just some really easy riding again.
Sunday: Raven Rock Ramble - at least 87 miles, maybe 100 miles if I'm feeling really good.

I need to get in at least 87 miles to get some experience with distances greater than a metric before Assault on Marion. Then, 2 weeks after AoM, I will be back up in the mountains for two days of mountain riding.

Did I mention that I really love riding in the mountains?? :)

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