Saturday, April 19, 2008

Intervals & Group Ride

Today was the first of many rides with a group that I have been riding with since 2006. This group rides on Saturdays in training for the MS150 in September. Today's ride was a short 23mi out and back route. The group starts off with short distances, working up to 65+ miles later in the summer because most who ride with the group, stop riding after the MS150.

5 of us led the group out...we left everyone! Made excellent time to the turn around point, averaging 20.7mph. But, after my short pull, the next guy just ramps it on up to 23-24mph+ and I said the hell with that. I had intervals to do and I was not going to wear myself out hanging with these guys. I did take the city limit sign sprint. Drafting about 3 back in the paceline....I knew where it was, lead guy didn't have a clue...I just blew around them and they were like WTF??? Hehehe.

Anyways, solo on the way back so I could do my intervals (3 sets of 3x30s zone 6). Not sure if maybe I just didn't go hard enough or I'm adapting somewhat. Probably didn't go hard enough because I didn't have that "about to puke" and "fall off my bike" moment at the end of the second set nor the end of the third set.

#1: 332/552/84 170/177; #2: 336/518/87 180/184; #3: 337/529/80 182/185 (avg/max/rpm hr av/max)
#4: 371/576/83 165/174; #5: 306/55/85 177/181; #6: 346/600/85 171/176
#7: 357/565/82 151/167; #8: 295/580/79 171/176; #9: 338/489/88 172/178

I think I can do better than this. My cadence was WAY too low. Last time I did these, I think my cadence was up in the 90's. I also had a peak 20min power: NP=197, AP=153.

Tomorrow will be (weather dependent) a 2-2.5hr ride, upper zone 2 - low zone 3. Forecast is for rain/showers in the morning....we'll see.

7 more days till Burnsville!

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