Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Rest Today, TT Tomorrow!

Today will be a rest day for me...no riding:(. Yesterday, following my schedule, I had 2 @ 3x1min zone 6 intervals to do. (And, despite staying up till almost 12am watching the NCAA game, not sleeping very well, I feel pretty dang good this morning.) At first, during the day, I wasn't too thrilled about doing them, not extremely motivated for some reason. Maybe it was the drizzle early in the day and the overcast/chilly conditions. Dunno. But, that all changed....

I stopped at the grocery store for a few items for supper on the way home. It wasn't much, just one little bag. But, I had a gallon jug of water with about 40oz in it, a bag with a freckled yucky banana & a grapefruit, my purse, and something else to carry. So, I'm carrying all this crap in and I get to the kitchen with it and barely start to put the stuff down - in comes my 17yo asking "what's for supper?". I give a nice reply, but my thoughts are "whatever the F you can find". OMG. It just really pissed me off something bad. Then the spouse gets in the kitchen too, just standing around in my way. Damnit. Will y'all just get the hell outa here and let me get this stuff fixed????? Anyways, supper got fixed, I made myself a plate for later, changed clothes and loaded up the bike.

Damn. I was ready to rip the pedals off last night. I even took my iPod so I could crank up some heavy tunes. Rockin' the AC/DC & Godsmack helped quite a bit. At least that's my story:) So, the intervals were pretty good...
I felt really good doing the first set, I mean really good. Everything was just clicking...I got approximately a 20w increase in average power over the 6 intervals from the ones I did last week! w00t!!! I might have been able to get a little more, but the dang shorts I wore, rubbed me the wrong way big time. I will not wear these again...the Hammer shorts that goes with my other Hammer stuff. Too bad, cause all that pink looks good:). Finished up the intervals and wanted to get in about 25mi, but the shorts issue and pain in my butt dictated otherwise. 17.8mi.

Numbers from last night:
#1: 299/579/83
#2: 275/444/100
#3: 259/436/92
#4: 243/515/91
#5: 237/483/90
#6: 247/444/89

I think I could have done the last set a little better, but the shorts were really killing me. Every pedal stroke on the left side induced rubbing/irritation & pain. Guess we'll see next week how I do.

Tomorrow is my first TT of the year too! Feeling a little nervous (as usual) and excited too. I hope all this training for the past 4 months will be evident when I finish the TT. But, this year, and probably any other time, TT's are just going to be secondary to everything else I will be doing. Burnsville Metric and AoM are #1 this year. This is just for fun tomorrow, going to use it as a zone 4 workout and just see what happens.

After that, it's back to the 2 @ 3x30s zone 6 intervals either Friday or Saturday and then the Crowder's Mtn Metric on Sunday. Then 2 more weeks until Burnsville! I hope I'm ready for it. I should be though....



nickel said...

Good luck!!!

wolfpack said...

Thanks!! I think I'm ready for it. Look for results really late tonight or sometime tomorrow!