Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Stupid, Stupid, Stupid

Yes, that's what I am. I don't know what's got into me lately, but I haven't been listening very well to what the mentor/coach guy has been telling me. Didn't follow the advice for the TT and now, I haven't listened this week - rode my bike when I was supposed to go to the gym and just do upper body work. I'm sure he gets frustrated with me over this. *whack me upside the head with that 2x4*

I had 3 sets of 3x1min zone 6 intervals to do today...I did them, but they were WAY harder than the 2 sets I did last week and I didn't do very well. My legs were screaming at 30s and it was very difficult to complete a full 1min. Pretty much all of my numbers are below what I did last week. My cadence was too low and the damn HR was not being recorded by the PT. Gotta figure out why that is. I'm going to try to change the battery in the computer head; I've already changed the HR strap battery.

#1: 275/641/91; #2: 261/508/80; #3: 266/453/82
#4: 260/500/79; #5: 248/564/78; #6: 250/545/77
#7: 250/573/80; #8: 240/514/84: #9: 247/497/78

It's gonna stop right now though - this not listening crap I've been doing. If there's one thing in my life that I need to do well in right now, it's my cycling. Just don't ask about the other stuff as it's totally F'd up. With that, tomorrow/Saturday/Sunday will be done as I was told to do them. No more, No less. Get it right.

Tomorrow will be an hour of low zone 2 riding with concentration put towards spinning.
Saturday is 9 30s intervals. There is a group ride of 23mi (first MS150 training ride)...wondering if I could do half of it as warm up and then do the intervals on the way back to the ride start????
Sunday is to be a a 2hr or so ride in zone 2, or 30-40mi. Another group ride, a "wine & ride" or is it "ride & wine" ride?? Not sure, but I won't be partaking of the wine.

But, given my latest troubles with group rides, I really better think long and hard about this before Saturday. Most likely, in the best interest of my cycling training, I should forgo these two group rides. My most important ride so far, Burnsville Metric, is coming up in 9 days and I really need to be fresh and "on top of my game" so that I do well. If I continue acting stupid and not listening, I'm not going to do well.

Dang. I feel a bit better getting that out...acknowledging the fact that I haven't been listening to my mentor/coach guy. But, that's all a changing after today. I will listen and do as I have been told to do...I surely don't want to get him so frustrated with me that he no longer wants to help. That would be soooo not good for me. So, straighten up girl and fly right!!


nickel said...

Do you know what your progression is on those intervals? I tried asking on BF today and didn't really get an answer. I guess I hear about people doing 10-30sec, 1-3min, etc but are you supposed to do those on separate days or on one day just seems that between worrying about doing tempo, hill training, sprints, VO2 max, ....there aren't enough days in the week!

wolfpack said...

Not exactly sure what you are asking...I've been told that I need to take 2 days of rest (not necessarily off the bike) between doing the 3x1min and 3x30s intervals. I'm only doing these right now. Look at the calendar and you can see what I've been doing.

In a taper mode right now for the Burnsville Metric. After that, I'm sure the coach/mentor guy will give me something else to do:)