Friday, April 11, 2008

30s Intervals Today

So, this evening after work, I headed out to do these 2 sets of killer 30s intervals. Wow. Dunno, but, I was not as wasted after these as I was the first time. Despite not hardly eating anything today (Hammer Nutrition bar, Oats & Honey Granola bar w/PB, & a gel before starting) I felt damn good. Why is that???

#1: 389/680/98
#2: 355/566/89
#3: 303/533/96
#4: 379/634/101
#5: 338/603/98
#6: 316/498/87

Overall average of the 6 intervals is 347w. Last week, it was 354w. The #5 & #6 were a bit more difficult, but I didn't feel nearly as bad as last week. Does this mean I didn't go hard enough??? If so, I'll work harder next week.

It was a bit windy this evening, but the temps were great! Prolly around 80F when I started riding. I also experimented with riding in the drops It was pretty dang comfortable. Do need to continue with the weight loss, as the boobs seemed to be getting in the way /rolleyes/. Other than that, I really felt good riding in the drops. Might have to start riding more like that.

Not sure about tomorrow...Gonna go get something good to eat for breakfast I do know that!!! As for riding, it's weather dependent. Then Sunday is the Crowder's Mtn metric. I hope I feel as well on Sunday as I did today and this past Monday or Tuesday!

28mi ridden today.

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