Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Intervals & 3 Days Till Burnsville

30s intervals this evening...they seemed to be harder than the ones I did on Saturday. Maybe because I tried to get the cadence higher or who knows why. I had a banana about 1.5hr before riding and it wanted to come back up after the last set. Probably because I ate it too close to doing the ride.

#1: 385/652/96; #2: 311/505/93; #3: 305/454/90
#4: 372/552/95; #5: 343/543/85; #6: 255/509/88
#7: 381/526/91; #8: 322/549/93; #9: 346/572/96

No heart rate data, as the PowerTap is not recording it for some reason. It will start out recording, but then drop out after about 20 to 30 minutes. Have no idea what the problem is. I've changed all batteries except the hub batteries. Found out the problem...Garmin & PT are both wireless for HR - interference between the two. Rode without Garmin last night (4/24) and no drop outs for HR on PT.

Tomorrow is an easy ride, then I leave for Burnsville at 11am Friday! I'm really looking forward to this ride. Only bad thing is the 40% chance of scattered T-storms on Saturday, so I'm probably going to be riding in the rain. Oh well, I'm not skipping the ride. I also plan on staying around the mountain area for a ride somewhere on Sunday. One friend is planning on riding up to Mt. Mitchell Sunday, depending on how he feels after riding BM and the weather. So, depending on how I feel and the weather on Sunday, I may do that ride with him. Or, I might ride somewhere else, to be determined later. Maybe Burningtown Loop, since it's one of my favorites up there. Who knows?

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