Saturday, June 28, 2008

Cycling Adventures w/Wulfpakk Kitteh :)

So, I got cnickgo(Nick) and his friend Chris to come out here to Clayton and ride a century with me today. Found out that this was to be Chris's longest ride....previous long ride was 40mi. Sweet!

Sunrise from my neighborhood:

We get started a little late...someone turned their alarm off during the night and didn't get up on time! Won't say who that was though (Nick!):) Not too much to say about the ride except that it was really good, great company, flat, beautiful scenery, and eventually hot.

Pics along the ride - Chris & Nick:

Nick being silly:

Flat cornland:

Hwy 222, more flatness:

One of very few "climbs", overpass of Hwy 117 (i think):

This overpass is just before you come into Fremont. Once in Fremont, we got a bit of water and headed on. Here's where the adventure route wouldn't load last night into my Garmin, so I just wrote the turns down....couldn't find the roads in Fremont, so we just wandered in the general direction of Goldsboro. Eventually, we found the road I was looking for and things were good.

Of course, my ride would not be complete with out a pic from my favorite riding position - behind the guys:

Big Daddy's Road:

Some scenery in and around Goldsboro:

Once in Goldsboro, we were at the 55mi mark due to the wandering around after Fremont. Nick and I were concerned about Chris because he had taken a couple of really long pulls and that, coupled with the increasing heat was taking it's toll on him. We spend prolly a good 20min at the convenience store looking at a map, trying to find the shortest/best way back to Clayton. Even had some woman trying to call her husband so he could tell us....I'm like "umm, yea, thanks a bunch, but neither of us will remember more than the first or second turn....".

So....we start to wing it the shortest way back to the cars. This entailed following someone's directions where, neither Nick or I could remember the turns to take after the first couple. Even so, we got headed in the right direction. Did have to stop and ask once more, when we got close to Micro. We turned left and I wasn't sure, so we go to this house and learn that we needed to go the other direction, otherwise we'd be adding more miles in the heat.

Anyways, we made really good time to Goldsboro/Princeton, but then we were into the wind the remaining 30-40mi back to the cars. This was really hard - taking plenty of breaks to make sure Chris was doing ok and, it was getting hot. Then, Nick wasn't feeling too good because he didn't eat any breakfast and only had a Clif Bar in Kenly. Nothing else, till after Goldsboro, when Chris made him take his Clif Bar. He seemed to feel a little better after eating and getting more fluids.
All the breaks increased our time out and boy was it hot. You could just feel the waves of heat coming off the roadway and there is not much shade to be had around here. We stopped at this church along the way to fill bottles up and to pour some of the cool water on our heads. It was really getting hot and I just wanted to be finished with the ride.

A few more pics as we are getting closer to the start.

And, finally, me afterwards. My shorts were crusted white with salt. I did really well on the ride. No cramping, tho there were times I had to fight them off in my quads, I had none to make me stop riding.
I fixed a bottle of Sustained Energy for the ride and drank that during the first half of the ride. It made it all the way to Princeton actually. It didn't taste all that bad either. I also ate a banana in Goldsboro. Lets see....prolly drank 5 bottles of water too. Got a Snickers & Coke in Princeton cause I was getting really hungry and had nothing left but some gel. I don't think you should do that tho, if you are using the Hammer stuff. My stomach started to get upset not long after eating that. was a great ride, I didn't think about stuff going on here any and that was the whole purpose of the ride. Oh yea, weighed before I left this morning and when I got home - 7.5 pounds gone. Guess I am a bit dehydrated, huh?

Ride Time=6:30hr
Total Time=8hr (lots of stops)
Elevation Change=~2000'

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