Monday, June 23, 2008

Weekend Recap.....650 Miles Driving, 59 Biking Miles, 5400' Climbing

A weekend recap.....

Driving approximately 650 miles to WNC and back home over the weekend netted me just shy of 60 miles of bike riding and 5400' of climbing! I think that's a little better than the last time I drove 650 miles and only rode 30 miles.

Yesterday (Sunday) was just a "wing it" route, with Andy & Neal, leaving from the pull off at the Little Tennessee River and riding part of the Burningtown route. It was a good ride, but my quads were a bit sore from the mtb ride on Saturday. Seems like every time I do this route, my legs just don't feel great. I did pretty well until Andy takes a left turn and we immediately start climbing, grade being something like 10-12%. But it was fairly short. Ended up with just 24 miles and 1600' of climbing.

I'm considering doing the half-century route of the Blood, Sweat, & Gears ride this coming weekend. But, I'm not 100% sure, due to the way my leg feels and due to some personal stuff happening right now in my life...but, if I don't do that, I wanted to do the Fabulous Fourth in Tryon. But, that's sorta out too most likely. It all pretty much depended on what my son was going to be doing either of those weekends.

I thought he was going to be gone this weekend, all of next week, and not back home until Sunday, July 6, so the BSG ride would be doable as well as the Fabulous Fourth. But, it looks as if he's going to be gone the following Saturday (July 5) and I hate to be gone next Thursday evening and all day Friday, as he'll be leaving early Saturday, what to do???

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