Thursday, June 19, 2008

I Feel Lost.......

Yes, I do - I feel lost because everything has become so UNSTRUCTURED and I really do not like it like that. My last structured training ride was some day during the first week of June. Since then, I haven't written anything down in my notebook (I keep a training notebook, to write down some stuff about the rides, how I'm feeling, instructions, etc), I've ridden my bike 2x since Marion and the mtb 2x.

I'm gonna ride my bike this evening tho, because I feel like I'm gonna lose what I've gained and becasue I have got quiet grumpy this week. Usually, when I get grumpy like this, it's because I haven't ridden in a while. And, it's been a while. The temps around here are a lot lower than last week and the humidity isn't quiet as bad either.

Sigh.....I think next week I need to get back onto some sort of training plan for the Roan Moan on July 26. This is my next ride of the year (treating it as a B ride, I suppose) and it will be a mountainous century. So, five weeks to get into some sort of shape for this ride. I wish I could drop about 10 pounds by then, but I doubt seriously that will happen. As far as that goes (weight), I'm stuck at 45 to 47 pounds and can't get another ounce to come off it seems. Yes, I am eating. Probably still not as much as some would like for me to, but it is what it is.

I'm done for right now...just feeling lost, blah, unhappy, etc. I soooo want to be happy again.

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