Monday, June 30, 2008

Must've Been Delusional...

this morning to think that I could do 2 sets of 4x8min intervals in my zone 4!

I started out from the usual place (Grocery Bag) with dark clouds in the foreground. I should've known that I would get wet. I rode a good 10min warmup then started my first interval. I felt pretty good doing the first one, though the last 2 minutes were difficult. Passed the Hammers going in the opposite direction - need to call Lawrence tomorrow and see if they are riding Tuesday evening. I need to ride with them.

Anyways, did another interval and turned around because I started to feel rain drops. Yes. I would be getting wet. At least it wasn't a downpour like last time. The third and fourth intervals were difficult. I haven't done intervals in some time now and I'm going to have to work up to 2 sets of these. Or maybe I'll do two longer intervals, like 2x20's. Or just ride with Lawrence. That should provide plenty of zone 4 interval time!

Numbers for this evening:

#1: 194/182/90 180/169 (np/ap/rpm maxhr/avghr)
#2: 181/175/90 178/170
#3: 190/182/96 177/172
#4: 186/175/91 179/165

Not exactly great...the np/ap should be much closer together than they are. Maybe the lack of closeness is due to the fact that I had to slow to cross roads or turn on every one of the intervals. Maybe not. Cadence could be better too. Hell, everything about the intervals could be better. I'll try them again on Thursday.

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