Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Intervals Today :)

First time doing intervals in a while. I had 3 sets of 3x30s intervals planned for today and was just a little concerned about how I would do, considering that I hadn't done any in a while. I was supposed to meet Jay & Erica (or so I thought) at the Grocery Bag and do a ride with them, but they never showed up or called.

I checked the radar and saw there was a possibility of storms coming, so figured they weren't coming because of that. I went on and headed out for my warm up and intervals cause I didn't want to get caught out in a storm since I had just washed the bike yesterday.

They were hard, but again, not as hard as they have been. (coach/mentor guy has informed me that I need to go harder on the next ones). Duh. Found a nice stretch of pavement that was pretty much flat and got down to business.

#1: 413/633/87 153/171; 382/481/78 170/178; 367/516/83 173/179. average pwr=387
#2: 392/497/98 150/169; 317/531/98 170/177; 340/428/86 174/179. average pwr=350
#3: 386/557/96 146/163; 313/486/84 168/175; 341/499/86 167/176. average pwr=347
ap/max pwr/rpm hr avg/hr max

These numbers are way better than what I had back on April 19. Much improvement. I'll do another set of these on Friday.

Tomorrow - maybe a slow group ride with the OMV riders at MacGreggor Village. Not sure what I'll do on Thursday. I wanted to ride the Cyclepath group ride on Saturday - ~40mi, 18-20mph, but have been told by the coach/mentor guy that it will just make me tired. No gains in fitness from such a ride, so it's best that I don't do it. I guess I'll have to do a solo ride then.

Anyways....it was really nice to get out and do intervals today. After hurting my knee the week before the mountain ride, my schedule has been sorta messed up. Back on track now and just 6 more days till AoM. :)

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