Monday, January 2, 2012


Wasn't feeling too great this morning, like I might be coming down with a cold; didn't feel much better after lunch either.  But, I surely wasn't feeling bad enough not to get out for a short ride this afternoon. :)

The Fuji seemed to be having some shifting problems the last time I rode it on the trainer, so I talked with Dallas and we decided to bring it over around 2pm.  While out at his place, I wavered on riding - the wind!!  It was biting and I really didn't want another ride in the wind.  But.  I want to get the miles/time in this year and I'm not going to get that accomplished sitting on my ass inside.  Sitting on my ass inside just makes my ass get bigger and I want it to get smaller. :D

So, I left Dallas' and headed on home to change into the warmer cycling clothing.  Just a little short jaunt from the house, through downtown Clayton and out to Guy Road.  Wind.  Wind in my face pretty much all the way until I reached Guy Road.  The last 7.5 miles wasn't too bad - a bit of cross/tail wind.  

Finished up with 15mi/1hr of riding.  Tomorrow is a run day and the next ride isn't supposed to be until Thursday.  The run tomorrow will be pretty dang cold, as the temps are barely going to get above 38F and it's going to be pretty windy....

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