Friday, January 13, 2012

The Week's Almost Up & There Are Miles to Be Ridden...

And, to top things off, it's cold and windy.  I may have to suck it up and ride the trainer 2 times sometime tomorrow.  Maybe once in the morning and then in the afternoon.

Thursday - I got out for an hour's worth of riding during my lunch - heading into the wind on the way out and getting a nice tailwind on the return trip.  Just the way I like it! :)  Rode from work out to Garner (Creech Road), took Old Garner to Jones Sausage/New Hope, then to Poole Road/back to work.  15 miles.

Today is a planned rest day.

So far this week, the miles are 21.5, 13, and 15 for 49.5 miles for the week.  50.5 miles left.  Damn.  That's going to be hard to get just riding on the trainer.  Maybe I can get bundled up and get some outside, but probably not.  I'd at least like to get close to 100mi this week...

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