Friday, January 6, 2012

Another Day, Another Ride

Finished up at work around 1:00p and headed home - not feeling great, I've picked up a bug this week and I've been fighting it, but I needed to get in a ride today.  If I didn't, there's probably not much of a chance I would have been able to ride 55 miles on Saturday.  I suppose I would have tried though....

Headed out at 1:30p and just did the regular loop from the house, out to Old Baucom, then back into/through town, Ranch Road & back.  Lots of wind in my face, yet again, from the 10mi point near Old Baucom.  The wind, plus not feeling well took it's toll on me, slowing me down considerably.  Oh well, I'm not really concerned about the time, but more on how much time I get in the saddle and miles in the legs.  The speed will come later....

Finished up with 25mi in a very slow 1:45hr.  See?  Told you the wind was tough. :)

Supposed to ride with Dallas (& probably some of the other guys) in the morning...not sure if I will be able to keep up with them, as they've been doing a bit of mountain bike riding and I'm slow right now.  Guess I can always go out and try! :)

70/6000 miles
4:45hr/500hr (I think the hours will be whatever they will be based on the mileage - I'm more concerned with getting 6000 miles ridden this year than I am on ride time).

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