Sunday, January 29, 2012

One Month Almost Complete

Well, January is almost over and I've not got the miles in that I wanted to have, but as Martin said in a comment, maybe it's best that I don't put so much pressure on myself to get a certain amount of miles in per month...The pure enjoyment of cycling will be lost if I do - BTDT. :)

So, I had a 2.5hr ride to do today (Sunday) and an hour on Saturday.  I switched them up because it was so much more warmer yesterday and I'm not much on riding in coldish temps and wind.  Seems like the wind is always from the S-SSW and I should ride into the wind for the first part of the ride, but I'm not as familiar with those roads heading to the south of my house, so I suck it up and take the tailwind out and of course get the headwinds on my return trip.  

I headed out towards Archer Lodge and and made a nice little loop that included the hills on Covered Bridge (near Dallas' house), the climb up from the Neuse on Covered Bridge, O'Neil Street and then the nice little short climb by West Clayton Elem.  Ended up with 42 miles in 2:45hr.  Fairly slow for the overall average, but I don't suppose that really matters at this time.

Today I'll probably just do an easy trainer ride with a 10min TT effort somewhere in the middle and some core workout.  As for the rest of the day - I do need to clean the backyard up, fill in some trenches that Taylor has made trying to get the moles in the yard, and then spraying to kill grubs/bugs and weeds.  Hopefully, that will make the moles leave the yard and go to the neighbor's yard. :D

218 miles for the month so far.  I might be able to get to 250 miles total in by Tuesday, but we'll see.  Either way, 218 miles is far better than 0 miles any day! :)


skiffrun said...

I signed in to my blog, and for some reason decided to scroll down the "reading list" ... and saw your "test format" posts (now deleted) where you were fighting with Blogger to get the formatting as you wanted.

Been there. Done that.

Sometimes I have thought that Blogger has changed their default protocols because suddenly what has worked works-no-more. Flipping annoying.

Sometimes I think Google / Blogger allowed something that still belonged in test mode to go live ... with crappy results.

I also find it more-than-annoying that the "look" in Preview is not always the same "look" when one actually publishes. THAT should not happen.

It is also annoying when, upon noticing a glaring typo or wrong formatting, I've gone in to edit the text, and ... all kinds of other things change. And it can be a pain to get them all back where they ought to be.


But, what can we expect for "free".


skiffrun said...

I hope that the absence of a post for 6-weeks is not an indication of anything untoward.