Sunday, January 1, 2012

What to do?

Do I sit here and write about how awful my year has been with regards to cycling or just in general?  Do I write about all the troubles that have filled my life over the last 1.5yr, with regards to my Dad?  Na, but maybe a Readers Digest version. :)

Decided to train for AoMM Feb 15, 2011, worked out the training plan, based on previous training schedule and was ready to tackle it head on.  Feb 16, 2011, Dad fell and broke his hip.  Surgery, rehab, moving him to Greenville, SC, give up on AoMM (as far as any actual training), decide to do AoMM 3 weeks prior.  Completed 80mi of AoMM with a handful of rides in my legs.

Dad does well in Greenville.  I hire a cycling coach to help me get to Blue Ridge Breakaway in August.  Ride Roan Moan in July - have the worst cramps ever at the top of Carver's Gap.  Finished 75mi of Blue Ridge Breakaway - skipping the last 27mi of riding on the BRP.  I haven't ridden on the BRP or in the mountains since probably July 2009.  I miss the friend and riding I used to do in the mtns.

I adopted another dog (Miniature Pinscher) who made my life hell for about 2.5 months.  His name is Tucker and he's turning out to be a pretty good doggeh. :)  Taylor (my first Miniature Pinscher) had knee surgery in September.  She's all better now, thankfully. :)  She & Tucker get along just fine.

Oh, and back in May, I adopted a cat.  Crazy.  Got the cat for my Dad, who couldn't take care of her, so I had to take her.  She, also, has turned out to be a pretty good kitteh.  But a mean girl at times...Siamese can be that way, though.  Her name is Evie. 

Dad moves back to Raleigh area in November, but is moving back to Greenville this month.  It's just way too much for me to do and I have no one here to help me.  I have help in Greenville from a very good friend, one that really likes/cares about Dad and Dad likes him.  Hopefully, that will work out.

Not much cycling to mention - tried to do all that the coach gave me but when the days got shorter and rides needed to be on the trainer...I hate that thing, so I didn't and haven't done all I'm supposed to do.  I guess this is where I write down what I want for next year, eh?

I have 5 rides I want to do this year: AoMM, Cherohala Challenge, Roan Moan, Blue Ridge Breakaway, Six Gap Century.  All freaking mountain rides of 100+ miles.  This means I must get my ass in gear, starting today and do the riding I'm supposed to do (and maybe a little more).  I'm looking for 125+ miles a week to start with, working up to 150mi, then maybe 200 in the summer.  Hopefully, I'll be ready for each of those rides with that kind of mileage.  Hopefully, that kind of mileage and eating properly, will help me drop this weight I have regained.

I suppose that's about it...maybe go hiking over a long weekend with a good friend from Georgia, maybe try a few TTs at Charlotte, maybe have a love life that's local instead of 4hr away....

Can't say that I'll write here a lot, but maybe I will.  Maybe I'll use this venue, once again, as a means to record my training for the various rides I want to do this year.  Maybe it will help, who knows. :)


Nic said...

Good luck with everything! It's good to have some long term event goals but I would be pretty happy just getting out and riding too. :0) Unfortunately life throws curve balls! I had a plans for a grand CX season and now I'm just glad if I get out for a 10 mile ride. ;d

wolfpack said...

I need to have goals, but after the last 1.5yr with my Dad & taking care of him, I do realize life can and will get in the way.

If I don't' get to do some of the planned rides or any of the TTs, so be it. I'd at least like to be able to ride & hang with the Hammer Guys this year. :)