Saturday, January 7, 2012

Ride The Wind...How Appropriate.

Yes, how appropriate the title of my blog is.  I do believe all of 2011 for every ride I did, I faced the wind.  Mainly headwinds.  Seems like I can never catch a break and have more of a NNW instead of a SSW wind when riding from my house.  Oh well, working hard in the wind just makes you stronger. 

I had contemplated riding with my friend Dallas this morning, but when I woke up, the chest crud was back and I felt crappy.  Also felt that I might should wait till later in the day when it was a bit warmer than 53F....later on it was 20F warmer. :)

Headed out from the house, headed towards the north (Poole Road area) and of course, I had a nice tailwind.  At least for the first 15 miles.  The other 16 miles was into that same wind.  Struggled.  Seemed like I had no energy at all...but, I am battling this chest/head cold, so I guess that could be expected.

It was a beautiful day out today - saw about 4-5 other cyclist out riding - making great use of the great weather!

31 miles/2:03hr.

January, week ending 1/7: 4 rides, 102 miles, 6:48 hours.

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