Saturday, January 14, 2012

Not this week

I didn't make the 100mi for the week this week. :( A turn to cold weather and high winds caused me to wimp out.  I should have gotten out though - I went visit my Dad around 1pm and didn't leave till around 3pm...I realized that I should have sucked it up and saw my Dad earlier, as it was decent that afternoon - would have been good riding.

Oh well....and next week is going to be hard too - I'm moving my Dad back to SC on Monday, so I won't get to ride again after tomorrow until next Thursday.  Guess if I'm going to get 400 miles in January, I best get out tomorrow and put some miles in! :)

Otherwise, an uneventful day today...worked with Tucker and Tiger again and it is working little by little.  Tonight, Taylor is sleeping under a blanket on her pillow by the couch, Tiger is on a blanket on the chair, and Tucker has finally settled in his crate.  One day, maybe I'll be able to have all of them co-exist without having to crate anyone! :)


skiffrun said...

I'm wondering if you are putting more stress on yourself than need be ... with the "I need to ride X-times-a-week for Y-miles to get to 6000 for the year".

Sometimes, one just doesn't have enough "love for the bike" to go ride. If / when that day occurs ... don't ride.

Skipping that day may well be just the thing for the "love" to return ... and go farther, faster, with less apparent effort.

Just be sure to ... "Enjoy the ride".


wolfpack said...

I know....the miles will come more frequently as the weather gets warmer. I really just wanted to have more miles in my legs than a couple of metric rides before I do AoMM.

I figured if I had 1500-2000 miles by then, I'd be a lot more prepared for the ride than I was last year. I doubt I'll ever be as prepared for it as I was in 2009, but anything has to be better than last year! :)