Friday, February 15, 2008

End of Week Review

Wow. It has been a great week as far as exercising and riding! After last week's pre-FBT metric ride, I didn't ride on Sunday due to the extremely high winds in the area. I have done some sort of exercise every day this week! Yay for me!

Monday: I did intervals - 4x6min in my zone4 (168-195w), 8min of rest between intervals, and cadence above 95. I really wanted to nail these so that I could tell my mentor that I had done them right. I didn't want to be fussed at tho, he usually doesn't, I don't like to disappoint. I want to do my best all the time. These were not easy. Especially since I concentrated on keeping my cadence up above 95 and the watts above 168. First two weren't too terribly bad; the third one was more difficult and the 4th one was, harder. I don't think I could have done another one. I wasn't sure that I was going to be able to complete the last one, but I managed.
My results: 188/176/98; 184/182/97; 176/170/94; 169/165/95

I also went to the gym after work! 1 set of: squats, single leg squats, leg extensions, leg curls, leg presses, adductors, chest press, rows, triceps pressdowns, biceps curls, bosu ball crunches, ab machine crunches, back extensions.

Tuesday: Recovery ride with some stomps thrown in. Stomps didn't go well, cause the chain kept coming off the big ring. I scouted out other roads for riding & doing intervals on. Pretty easy riding today. No gym work.

Wednesday: No bike riding today. I was kind of glad too, didn't feel much like riding. I went to the LBS at lunch to pick up a birthday gift for a friend and while there, thought I would have them look at the bike since I was there. These guys adjusted the FD a lot, but it didn't help! Checked to see if there was any play in the cranks....well, there were. Thought it might be bad bb, but after inspection, it was determined by mechanics that bb was just loose. Tightened up really well. Couldn't try it out after this adjustment, as it was raining. I had plans to go to the gym after work, but didn't really feel like it. But you know what?? I thought "what would my mentor do or say to me?" He would say get your butt to the gym!!! So, I did go to the gym, but I changed up the weights so I could get 2 good sets in without hurting myself. I dropped the weight down on the squats (this is what hurt me last week) and they were much better. I guess on a good note - I have been able to increase the weights for the Hamstring curls from 45 pounds to 70 pounds.

Thursday: Easy zone 2 ride today with some high cadence drills (120rpm). These were to be 3x2min (I think). Wow. Those were hard - really taxing the aerobic system. Pretty much just did these for practice, I'll do them for real next week. Oh yea, I only barely managed to get 1min done! Told ya they were hard.

Friday: Intervals today. I took the bike to work in order to ride at lunch, but the weather looked like it was going to be a bit warmer later in the afternoon, so I took a half hour lunch and left early to do my ride around my home. Intervals again today, but these were 3x3min in my zone 5 (196-223w). I do believe my mentor was trying to kill me when he told me to do these!!! OMG. Can anyone say HARD??? Tried to pace myself better on the first one so that I would have consistant numbers for each interval instead of the numbers falling on subsequent ones. Holy Moly! The second one was killer and I wasn't sure that I was going to be able to do a third one, but I did. And, like the 4x6min ones, I could not have done another one.

So, that's been my week. I hope to see a drop in weight tomorrow also. (fingers crossed).

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